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Welcome to Tire Master, where we specialize in providing a wide variety of new tires for sale at the best price in town. We will beat any written price, guaranteed. Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have a large inventory of new tires for sale at our locations in Woodbridge VA. Buying used tires is a great way to save money, and it's an environmentally healthy alternative to buying new tires.

Every used tire we sell has been evaluated and tested against our quality and safety standards. Our trained tire experts first conduct a full visual inspection, looking for bubbles, scalloping, cracking, sidewall damage, uneven tread wear, poor repair work, and any other noticeable problems. Next, they take tread depth measurements of each tire to ensure a tread depth minimum of 6/32 inches. For smaller tires, such as 13 and 14 inch, tread depth must be at least 4/32 inches. (New tires typically start with a tread depth of 10/32 or 11/32 inches.)